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The sea water just 1 min by foot, a large area for a swimming pool, neighbors are far, privacy, all villa is surrounded by green zone. The old town of Kotor 10 minutes by car. Tivat airport and Porto Montenegro Marina Club 20 minutes by car. The boat can be kept in Prcanj marina, walking distance just 10-15 minutes.
We offer a completely new, modern villa in the beautiful village of the Bay of Kotor Prcanj village. An area of 1625 sqm located on one of the terraces of former vineyards.
The plot and the house offers stunning views of Boka Bay, which is only 100m away. Absolutely all sea cruise liners coming in which are held directly in front of us and can be seen at a glance. Above the site immediately begins the woods and mountains where you can walk freely and enjoy nature. The boundaries of the area are the retaining walls of stone terraces, built more than 500 years ago, as well as laurel thickets which formed a high hedge.
Entry to the site is closed metal gate length of 5.5 m, which can be easily opened using the remote control. Parking for several cars, as well as all the pavements are finished with anti-slip tiles. The site itself planned terraces with retaining walls of natural stone. 100% grass field. There are two outdoor washstand, which easily connects a high pressure washing.
The property consists of 2 houses (135sq.m and 137 sqm + 100sq.m lower terrace), with two separate entrances and is completely autonomous from each other. However, Villa looks as one designed by one concept, although it has a distinct visual boundary of each object. Inside the house are alike as two drops of water, although they are slight differences in the form of the bedrooms. Otherwise, they are absolutely identical.
Each house has:
3 bedrooms,
1 living room with kitchen,
2 bathrooms,
entrance hall,
technical room,
 terrace on the 2nd floor with stunning views,
+ Lower terrace lounge
In both houses, on all floors in every room, including the showers, under floor heating system. Flooring heated by tubes installed therein with a closed cycle system in which hot water flows, especially heated in an electric boiler. The system is very effective and easy to use. Each bathroom has a heat regulator. You can control the temperature of the floor itself.
The cooling system is a part of the overall system and air-conditioning facilities includes a modern multi-split system with inverter working as cold air and the hot. The great advantage of the installed system is that the outdoor unit for each house only one, located in a special technical unit and hidden from prying eyes.
 Hot and cold water
Each house is connected to the central water supply and has its own counter.
Each house has its own electric meter, and the meter has to be shared. On it is connected lighting areas, streets and houses. The backlight turns on automatically.
House well ventilated, thanks to the large number of windows. All bathrooms and a laundry room, installed direct-flow ventilation. In addition, all the rooms, including a walk-in closet and a corridor connected to a natural ventilation system.
Despite the fact that the houses are built in a quiet location, it is additionally well insulated. High-quality plastic windows do an excellent job with all the sounds and retain heat in the house. All windows have mosquito nets.
The houses have one of the best to date air-conditioning systems for private houses. Each house has a fireplace. There’s nothing like living fire, crackling wood and the smell of resin …
Two satellite dishes that are already set up in each room held wiring for the Internet.
 The windows of the houses are made of aluminum security shutters. In every home color video performed. Along the perimeter of the house has 5 cameras with infrared surveillance. All of them are connected to a special equipment located in each of the houses. Information is written to the hard disk, it is possible to observe on-line.
For residential buildings, used the most advanced and high-quality materials. Starting with high-quality fittings and the first-class cement, finishing finishing materials from leading manufacturers from Austria, Germany, Spain, France, Italy.
The decoration of the house is used a lot of natural materials. For example, the walls of the house are decorated with beautiful brown stone, each of which machined by hand in a factory in Spain.. But the stairs in homes – is an Iranian travertine. It was brought to the plates at 200 kg., And then treated in a stone-cutting workshop in Podgorica.
Railing in a house made of solid oak, and the basis for the filling the floor served as a major river sand. His right out of the river were loaded into the truck and drove in Prcanj.


Country: Montenegro
Property Id : 35089
Structure Type: Brick
Floors No: 1
gas heat
ocean view
wine cellar
basketball court
lake view
back yard
front yard
fenced yard
washer and dryer
private space
Roof Deck

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